-Ultimate parts-

To vintage guitar fans, "Dead Mint" is a special name given to guitars that have been collected, kept in their original conditions, and handled with care over a long period of time. Going back through the history of electric guitars that have started in the '50s, Dead Mint Club was established in May 1998 at the outskirts of American Forces Base "Camp Zama", for purposes of faithful reproduction of the "functional beauty", the "material", the "looks", and the "taste" of vintage guitar parts.

Since the mid-'70s, the values of vintage guitars had been spread by some guitar players.  Through years of use, many of their parts are either worn out, broken or replaced.  But the parts that have exactly the same look and sound of the original are extremely difficult to find on the market, which is a real matter of concern for players and collectors.

To be of their service, we made a thorough research of manufacturing facilities, process, tools, and materials, and reproduced the "Dead Stock Parts", not mere look-alikes, but perfect to the slightest details.

In the good old American way, our parts are manufactured in a slow, time-consuming process.  Unevenness caused by loose molds, use of rich metal as material, meticulous chamfering, elaborate cutting, thick plating, etc. are just those features that have gone lost in our digital era, and sought after by many guitar maniacs.

With Dead Mint Club parts, the owners of Vintage, Historic Collection, and Reissue Model guitars will be able to make a time-trip through history.

-Maniac research-

We, at Dead Mint Club, have thoroughly analyzed every specs of vintage parts, and reproduced them, from material to manufacturing process.  For example, we made a research of dead stock parts sold by Gibson's Kalamazoo Factory at its closing, unfinished products, some of the tools, and photos of manufacturing process.  Then, based on interviews and advice of skilled workmen with expertise of '50s manufacturing, untying the knots one by one, in archaeologists' way, we reproduce them, taking those abundant Dead Mint parts for objects of research.This is the background of our brand name.

-Uncompromised degree of perfection-

For example, take the Hat Knobs.  When you touch them, they feel like static attracting your fingers, and when you shake them in your hand, they will make that rattling sound.  That gold powder we got specially from the former paint supplier.   And the cycle time and temperature setting to achieve that plastic shrinkage on the top.We take pride in going out of our way in order to stick to the tiniest details.  Each one of these details is the backbone of the uncompromised perfection.  All the DMC parts have this "spirit" in common, this pursuit of perfect reproduction.

-History of Dead Mint Club-

Since its establishment in 1998, DMC has made numerous parts replicas.  The first memorable products, the "Hat Top Trick Knobs" and the "Super Real PAFF Pickup Cover" went on sale in 1999.For their exceptional reproduction accuracy, quality, and high price, they received many reactions from parts industry both domestic and international."Vintage Replica Parts" (now a popular word, but originally coined by DMC) were then still maniac items for maniacs.

In the '90s, as vintage guitars became increasingly popular, big progress was made in research and information of guitar parts.Because many of guitar-related literature talk about the parts specs, the parts stepped in to the limelight and became the focus of maniacs' attention. For example, ABR-1 Bridge saddle's material was switched to plastic in the mid '60s.This was easily recognizable from its look, thus every one knew this at a relatively early stage.On the other hand, the following specs were trade secrets only known to a small number of maniacs, since they could only be explained by research of manufacturing process and machines: brass saddles on guitars made between '50-'60s; chamfering up to 1958; shape from 1959 through 1960; bamboo blind patterns up to the '70s...Needless to say, these details affected the sound, and they became widely known when Gibson introduced the highly perfected "Historic Collection" in 1999.  The needs of the times matched DMCfs quality.

-What we value at DMC, as pioneers-

North West Music Trading Company Limited
Presidents Naoki Washida

We hope that many maniacs enjoy our parts as must items for keeping vintage guitars in original conditions, and for dressing up current Historic Collection to make them look and sound more like the originals.  We want to provide parts of ultimate reproduction perfection, and share the vintage guitars knowledge and joy with many people.  This is why DMC contains the word "Club".Using a process requiring time and knowledge, we will continue to issue Limited Versions and Upgrades, not only in the US, Germany, and England, but also worldwide.Our "Made in Japan" is a homage to the good Old America.

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