Hat Top Trick Knobs

Vintage Hat Knobs Replica

Hat Top Trick Gold konbs

In the whole history of "Reissue"series that started 20 years ago with the stunning debut of 40th Historic Les Paul model, DMC are the first to introduce replica knobs that no other manufacturer in the world could successfully reproduce.Side skirt with a subtle and exquisite curve, vintage-style letters in relief, finely knurled center shaft, and gold brass powder, resurrecting after 40 years.To meet the expectations of picky vintage guitar 'nuts', we made extensive research of not only the shape but also the material --- cellulose resin ---, the manufacturing process, and the paint.You will find astonishing specs in every way.

Recommended as replacement parts, as spare parts of originals, for a gorgeous dressing up of your cherished guitar.AGED version reproduces not only the clear and unique amber section but also the weathered reverse side.  Only our Hat Top Trick can reproduce this detail, because we use the same cellulose material and gold brass powder as vintage.

Due to high temperatures and humidity, the resin may turn yellowish, and the brass powder may turn greenish exactly as the vintage does.

Hat Top Trick Black konbs

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