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Steel Tailpiece Studs Long Size Ni Aged

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Dmc's Steel Tailpiece Studs is a masterpiece of craftsmanship,using scrupulously selected material and manufacturing process of the late '50s. "Why did Gibson choose iron as material for their stud bolts instead of brass, which was easier to process, and thus used in most of their parts at that time?" Dmc started out with this simple question.Because Gibson considered the stud bolt --- joining the tailpiece to the body, and transmitting vibration --- to be one of the key elements of their sound, they picked iron for its properties --- hardness, weight, vibration transmission speed --- to match the tailpiece material, aluminum.But, as a matter of fact, easier-to-process brass is used even for the stud bolts of their Historic Collection, which rocked the maniacsf heart with their realistically shaped parts, looks and sound.

Dmc accurately reproduced the shape --- entirely machined ---, the material, the hand-buffing, and even the nickel direct plating, just like the old times.Soft brass under-layer prevents interference with the sound.  Dmcfs Steel Tailpiece Studs is a hand-made part destined to maniacs: it reproduces the gkeyh to the brilliant, sweet, and fat tone of the vintage Gibson guitars.

Some guitars may need extra repair work when replacing with Long Size.

Ni Plain

Short Size
Ni Plain 8,000JPY
Ni Aged 8,000JPY

Long Size
Ni Plain 8,000JPY
Ni Aged 8,000JPY

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