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When Gibson made great efforts in rehabilitating Les Paul in 1999, they proved their passion for tradition keeping, a passion that surpasses cost consciousness of a simple manufacturing company.  We are delighted that collectors and players appreciated the high level of perfection and attention to details of the Historic Collection.  And it is a welcome fact that, at the same time, '80s and '90s Les Paul Premium Reissues, that have reflected the nuances of the times through uncountable model changes, are being re-evaluated.
Transferring parts from vintage guitars, replacing parts for sound improvement are just unavoidable if you are an enthusiastic collector or a sound seeking player, but cause of a great concern for every vintage guitar fans.

We, at DMC, are committed to give 120% satisfaction to the strict needs of those seeking legendary looks, sound and playability for their beloved guitar.  Our parts are the end results of numerous trials of shapes, materials, and sound.
Though it is impossible to fill the time gap, we will pursue nostalgia, and hope to fill in the divide between "Original Vintage" and "Historic Collection" or "Reissue". "Just as exotic sports cars have their dress-up tuners, Gibson has DMC". This is what we want to hear from our customers.  And this is why, every day, we spare no efforts as pioneers of vintage replica parts.

Every DMC part has an individual distinction mark to pay homage to quality old parts so that people can distinguish DMC parts from counterfeits. Providing distinction marks is one of our duties in moral standards as a replica manufacturer.  Of course we designed our parts with careful consideration in order not to ruin the appearance. However, we have to say not all distinction marks are disclosed.  Discovering those distinction marks (buyer's secrets) is one of DMC owners' enjoyments.

STD Lineup

Premium Lineup

Plice List

Specifications and prices are subject to change without notice.

To prevent damage on your dearest guitar, professional repair service is recommended when loading/replacing parts.

STD Lineup
Tailpiece 59 Ver.3.0
Lightweight Tailpiece Replica
Nickel Plain&Aged 17,500JPY
Gold Plain&Aged 19,500JPY

Pickguard Bracket
Pickguard Blacket Replica
Nickel Plain&Aged 3,000JPY

M69 Pickup Rings BL
Plain 25,000JPY(set)

Aged 30,000JPY(set)
Heavy Aged 35,000JPY(set)

Top Hat Knobs Ver.2.0
Plain 18,000JPY(set of 4pce)
Aged 20,000JPY(set of 4pce)

Dmc Tuner Tips
Plain 6,000JPY(set of 6pce)
Aged 6,000JPY(set of 6pce)

Pickup Cover 59
Plain&Aged 8,800JPY(1pce)

Bridge Tumb Wheels
Ni Plain&Aged 4,000JPY(set of 2)

Knob Pointers
2,700JPY(set of 4)

Steel Tailpiece Studs
Ni 8,000JPY(set of 2)

Thinner Jack Plate

Tuner Post Bushings
Ni 6,000JPY(set of 6)

Switch Tip
4,000JPY(1 pce)

R/T Switch Plate 59
Cream Plain&Aged 4,500JPY(1pce)

Knurled Switch Ring
Ni Plain&Age 3,000JPY(1pce)

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Premium Lineup

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Aged Brown Case DMC Aged

Truh Machine Head

Fat Antiquty Picup

Hat Top Trick

Truh Machine Head 2 1959

Super Real PAFF Ver.1.5

Dumble Bee Overdrive

WTO-69 T-shirts

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Dead Mint Club Parts
Plice List
Products Color Spec Plain or Aged JPY US$ EUR
Top Hat Knobs Ver.2.0 Gold - Plain 18,000
V Gold - Aged 20,000
V Black - Plain 18,000
V Black - Aged 20,000
Tuner Post Bushings Nickel Hist Plain 6,000
V Nickel Hist Aged 6,000
V Nickel Conv Plain 6,000
V Nickel Conv Aged 6,000
Knurled Switch Ring Nickel - Plain 3,000
V Nickel - Aged 3,000
V Gold - Plain 3,500
V Gold - Aged 3,500
R/T Switch Plate 59 Cream - Plain 4,500
V Cream - Aged 4,500
V Black - Plain 5,000
V Black - Aged 5,000
Thinner Jack Plate Cream - Plain 5,000
V Cream - Aged 5,000
Bridge Tumb Wheels Nickel - Plain 4,000
V Nickel - Aged 4,000
Steel Tailpiece Studs Nickel Short Plain 8,000
V Nickel Short Aged 8,000
V Nckeli Long Plain 8,000
V Nickel Long Aged 8,000
Round Switch Tip Brown - Plain 4,000
V Brown - Aged 4,000
V DarkBrown - Plain 4,000
V DarkBrown - Aged 4,000
Flat Switch Tip Brown - Plain 4,000
V Brown - Aged 4,000
V DarkBrown - Plain 4,000
V DarkBrown - Aged 4,000
Pickup Cover 59 Nickel - Plain 8,800
V Nickel - Aged 8,800
M69 Pickup Rings BL Cream - Plain 25,000
V Cream - Aged 30,000
 V Cream - Heavy Aged 35,000    
M69 Pickup Rings Non BL Black - Plain 20,000    
 V Black - Aged 25,000    
 V Black - Heavy Aged 30,000    
Knob Pointers Nickel - Plain 2,700
V Nickel - Aged 2,700
Dmc Tuner Tips Single - Plain 6,000
V Single - Aged 6,000
Tuner Tips "Candy" 59 Ver.2.0 Single - Plain 8,000    
 V Single - Aged 8,000    
Tailpiece 59 Ver.3.0 Nickel - Plain 17,500    
 V Nickel - Aged 17,500    
Pickguard Bracket Nickel - Plain 3,000    
 V Nickel - Aged 3,000    
Pickguard 1999-2008 Cream - Plain 9,000    
 V Cream - Aged 10,000    
 V Cream - Heavy Aged 11,000    
Pickguard 2009-Vintage Cream - Plain 9,000    
 V Cream - Aged 10,000    
 V Cream - Heavy Aged 11,000    
ZINC Non Wire Bridge DMC-1 Nickel - Plain 25,600    
 V Nickel - Aged 25,600    
Brass Saddle 59 Nickel - Plain 8,800    
 V Nickel - Aged 8,800    
Brass Saddle Screw 59 Nickel - Plain 4,000    
 V Nickel - Aged 4,000    
Tailpiece Stud Offset Bushing 1pc - Short 3,000    
 V 1pc - Long 3,000    
Tailpiece Stud Bushing Set 2pc - Long 4,000    

Specifications and prices are subject to change without notice.

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