Pickup Cover 59

Vintage PAF Pickup cover Replica
Pickup Cover 59 Nickel Real Aged

Pickup Cover 59 Gold Real Aged

Pickup Cover 59 is the genesis of Dmc.Extensive research and technology accumulated so far by Dmc is concentrated in the newly developed mold, satisfying at once all the maniacsf requirements such as the "flatness of the top", "the irregular corner edges", or "the angle of deep-drawing".Nor cost nor time has been spared for this astounding quality, that no mass parts manufacturer can reach.This is a highly recommended surprise for all the musicians and collectors in search of THE sound, and for the owners of vintage guitars with open PAF pick ups.

Pole piece hole pitch: 9.85mm

To avoid confusion with "Original PAF Cover", "Dmc" is ink-stamped on the back side of all Pickup Cover 59.

Pickup Cover 59
M69 Pickup Rings Aged

Nickel Real Aged 1pc 8,800JPY
Nickel Plain 1pc 8,800JPY

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